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How to Write a Fax Cover Sheet?

Sending a fax is always considered a professional thing and when you send it, there’s something called a cover letter also known as Fax Cover Sheet. This is the thing that goes along your fax and act as a cover up to your fax. It contains crucial information related to the recipient details, Sender’s details, Subject matter of the fax and more.

Key Ingredients of a Fax Cover Sheet

When writing a fax cover sheet, you must focus on including important details in your document, which makes it a relevant and complete fax cover sheet. Either you write or design on your own or you use any fax cover sheet template, make sure that it must have following key pointers in it.

  • Date and Time : Usually Date and time are by default included by the fax machine when sending the fax, but there are occasions when your fax machine might not tell the right time and date. To avoid those one off odd things, it is wiser to include the information in fax cover document also.
  • Sender’s Details : Your fax cover sheet must be designed in such a way that it includes Name, email, Phone number, Address, Fax Number of the sender. Although it is completely optional to hide or display sensitive information like to Phone Number and residence address, but if you wish you can include.
  • Recipient’s Details : Important information like Name, Email, Fax Numberand Phone numbers are compulsory to be included in the fax cover sheet. Again, residence address component is optional here.
  • Information on the number of pages. If your fax document contains more than 1 page, it is advisable to include the Number of Pages in the fax cover sheet. This helps the recipient to check if they received the fax in full.
  • Reference Number : Though this is not a compulsory part if you are sending out fax on occasional basis. However if you send fax on regular basis, it is helpful for your reference to keep track of your faxes and thus have a Reference ID attached on your fax cover sheet.


How to format a Fax Cover Sheet

Formatting a fax cover sheet is a simple thing. Only requisite is that you must know what to be included in it. As already shared above all the components that needs to be part of the fax cover sheet, it is just a matter of alignment of those component in your sheet.

Section 1 – It must contain the details of the Sender.

Section 2 – Details of the Recipient should be present.

Section 3 – Can contain a Subject line that defines the objective of sending the fax.

Section 4 – Body of the Fax Cover Sheet. This includes the message part of the fax document. This section does not account for confidential fax cover sheet.


Though you need not design fax cover sheet on your own, you can simply visit our Fax Cover Sheet collection and browse through all the categories of fax cover sheet.

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