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Free Fax Cover Sheet – Printable and Editable

Fax Cover Sheet

We have listed out more than 500+ fax cover sheets in the website based on different niche requirements. All of these fax covers are free to download, edit, Print and use them to send fax online or using fax machines. In General these are usual A4 sheet format templates (If print is required.) General Instructions on how to use these templates are mentioned in the footer section.


To have a plain and simplistic fax cover, you can explore this section of templates. These are purely simple and easy to edit.


If you are looking for fax cover templates that has a unique handwriting font in it, look out for a few in this section.


These are the set of professional fax cover templates. Choose the one you like and simply edit and print as per your need.


Sending out confidential fax to someone? You must to use confidential fax cover sheet to keep your fax secure.


Use beautifully designed fax cover letters for your faxes and make them look outstanding. Explore few elegant designs of fax covers.


Basic fax cover sheets are the one tat are mostly in use and are handy to edit without much makeup. Simply download and start faxing.


Want to send fax to the IRS? Use our designed sample fax cover sheets specially customised for IRS faxing.


If you wish to use simple and plain fax cover letters for your faxes, here are few designs that you might like. Just explore and choose as you like.

Private Confidential

We have curated some private and confidential styles of fax cover sheets for specific needs where you need secure faxes.

Medical Records

Should you be involved in sending medical records via faxes, you can checkout some fax covers specially designed for faxing medical records.

Cursive Fonts

If you want to design your fax cover sheet with beautiful cursive fonts and designs, you can checkout few of our designs in this section.


You want to send send faxed for administrative purposes and then you shall need to use special type of fax covers. We have curated some.

Doctor’s Office

While you are working from Doctor’s office, there’s specific type of fax cover sheet for doctor’s clinic. You can download and use them.


Outline fax cover sheets are simple designs with standard outlines. Just download, edit and fax from any of the templates in this section.


Faxes sent out of any hospital must have a distinguished fax cover sheet. If you are looking out for any such formats, explore this section.